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Electrosurgery Accessories
  • X111 Cord for patient return electrode
  • X121 Cord for Bipolar forceps
  • X131 Cord for Endoscopy Equipment- 4mm
  • X135 HF cord for Single Stem Working Element
  • X141 Universal adapter
  • X143 Lure Lock Adaptor with RF connection
  • X151 Needle Electrode, 5 cm length
  • X152 Blade Electrode, 5 cm length
  • X153 Ball Electrode, 5 cm length
  • X155 Extended Blade Electrode, 8 cm length
  • X158 Extended Blade Electrode, 12 cm length
  • X161 Extended Blade Electrode, 15 cm length
  • X191 Bipolar footswitch
  • X192 Monopolar footswitch
  • X201 Steel patient return electrode, Regular
  • X202 Steel patient return electrode, Pediatric
  • X211 Rubber patient return electrode, Regular
  • X216 Disposable Patient Plate- Single area, Regular, with cable
  • X221 Disposable Patient Plate- Dual area, Regular, with cable
  • X241 Foot switching chuck handle
  • X251 Monopolar Handswitching Pencil (Reusable)
  • X256 Monopolar Handswitching Pencil (Disposable)
  • X261 Bipolar Forceps, straight, 17 cm
  • X272 Bipolar Forceps, Bayonet, 20 cm
  • X281 Bipolar Forceps, straight, 17 cm, Nylon Coated
  • X283 Bipolar Forceps, straight, 22 cm, Nylon Coated
  • X293 Bipolar Forceps, Bayonet, 22 cm, Nylon Coated
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